The opening of Warsaw Spire 2016



The opening of Warsaw Spire 2016

The show on the opening of the tallest skyscraper in Warsaw - Warsaw Spire 2016. Warsaw Spire, currently the highest skyscraper in the country, is a complex of three buildings combining modern technologies with unique architecture refined to the smallest detail.

Nakaja Art - nasza ekipa

When planning a show inaugurating the opening of the office building, we wanted to emphasize the innovative energy of a new public space. The fireworks display designed and made by us was characterized by unusual dynamics and expression. We used not only the main tower but also two side ones to highlight the unique character of the skyscraper. The experience gained in previous years, the enormity of work put into the project and the use of modern equipment and the best pyrotechnic products have resulted in success. We are particularly proud of this realization and thanks to such moments we are convinced that pyrotechnics are our passion.

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