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Great open-air spectacles

Nakaja Art - pokazy pirotechniczne, sztuczne ognieThe preparation and implementation of large pyrotechnic shows require consideration of many components. The most important is the place that determines the possibility of using various types of explosives as well as other choreographies. Each time we create a unique scenario suited to the role and rank of the event. We often present the client with a computer visualization of the offered show. An indispensable part of each spectacle is an appropriate selection of background music enhancing the effect of a pyrotechnic show. The musical background creates a mood and changes the perception of the image you see. In order to obtain unique and original artistic experiences, we use explosives of the highest quality Italian and Spanish factories such as Europla, Iguala , Parente, Vaccalluzzo. Each spectacle designed with passion is a mix of unique colors, effects, and sounds.

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Traditional pyrotechnic shows

Nakaja - Klasyczne pokazy pirotechniczne

In addition to wide range of great outdoor shows, we also perform traditional pyrotechnic shows tailored to the needs and capabilities of our clients, highlighting corporate events, wedding and family celebrations. Preparing large and smaller pyrotechnical projects, we guarantee full synchronization of the pyrotechnic display with music as well as our own sound system. A well-made firework show is an unforgettable experience for the participants of the event. Unforgettable effects, color, and shapes make our projects memorable for a long time.

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Stage pyrotechnics and confetti

Nakaja - Pirotechnika scenicznaStage pyrotechnics are the specific type of shows. For this type of spectacles, special pyrotechnic materials are used, admitted both for indoor and outdoor use at a short distance from spectators. We have a wide range of stage effects that allow you to create an impressive show or a cozy light accent.

Nakaja - konfettiWe also offer confetti. We have both large stadium machines and smaller compressed air machines and manual confetti tubes.

Special and film pyrotechnics

We develop new effects for the needs of television programs, theatrical performance, and films for a special request:

  • Creating flames
  • Lines of fire
  • Burning barrels
  • Bubbles
  • Stage fountains
  • Flamethrowers

Inscriptions and sculptures

We make multi-colored pyrotechnic inscriptions as well as logos of specific colors of any size.

We also offer pyrotechnic drawings installed on rotating constructions.

Fireworks compound cakes

We also offer beautiful, dynamic and multi-effect fireworks compound cakes. Our sets are the perfect solution between large shows and amateur fireworks firing separately. They combine simplicity of use, safety, high quality as well as the wealth of colors end effects.

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Distribution of amateur pyrotechnic

We are leading regional distributor of fireworks from leading Polish importers such as Jorge, Piromax, Kometa, Triplex. We carefully select the assortment to be able to offer best quality products at attractive prices. We are looking for new products every year so that our clients can be successful in sales and can win the competition.

We provide advertising materials such as banners, posters, leaflets. There is a possibility of transporting materials by us. We run a professional marketing consulting in order to be able to sell more effectively. We help in legal matters. Thanks to close cooperation, customers using our service are successful and in return, we gain their trust and friendship- It’s the greatest satisfaction for us.

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