Pyrotechnic spectacle Wianki Kraków 2017



Pyrotechnic spectacle Wianki Kraków 2017

Wianki - Festival of Music 2017 is behind us. On this occasion, we had a great pleasure to light up the sky above the Wawel with a spectacular fireworks display.

We made the biggest pyrotechnic show in Poland in 2017! Over 250 meters wide of the show on the banks of the Vistula River, over 1500 pyrotechnic bombs, unusual single-shot sequences and the beautiful scenery of the city charmed the audience gathered on the Krakow boulevards.

Video presentation

The long-awaited movie from this year’s Wianki in Krakow! We decided not to make a movie from one shot but many. What is the final effect, judge yourself!

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